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Husbanding service

J.sassower team is built on decades of collective experience in supporting military and civil contracts, hundreds of port calls have been serviced by now, including wide verity vessels and services provided in all Israeli ports. Regardless of the vessel size, type or flag J.sassower team is set to provide the highest standard service in order to support the vessel or operation requirements.

As part of the service is the up to date equipment available by J.sassower to support all requirement might be needed. Yokohama fenders, breasting barges, gangways, submarine fenders, are just part of the equipment available for use.

In addition, all husbanding services are available, coordination, bunkering, repairs and dry-docking, underwater surveys, waste removal, stevedoring, fork lifts, JLG, water taxi etc.

Cars, hotels, tours, phone rentals, passenger services, flights, shipping, chandlery, Wi-Fi, are all part of standard service available.

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