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J.Sassower Ltd is a family owned company, established by the late Mr Jacob Sassower and his wife Helena and run today by Sassower family members leaded by Mr. Gad Sassower.

The company was founded and working in the Israeli market since 1941 and in its 75 years of existence grew to be the leading company in supplying services to navy ships and foreign armies acting and visiting in Israel.   

The company is providing husbanding and logistic services at all Israeli ports for foreign navy ships, commercial ships, yachts and special projects in the maritime industry. A comprehensive logistics services for foreign army troops acting in cooperation with irsaeli government authorities is also an important part of the company main core.

A side to years of experience and knowledge gained in-house, outsourced suppliers are carefully selected and managed to allow our client's sensitive needs to be fully and professionally fulfilled 24/7, considering the strict security and safety requirements needed.

According to the company vision, the client needs are placed in the center as the company is based on professional service and long term strategic relationships.  

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