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Weights at Gym

Pier sport

Enjoy your sport on the pier 

gym equipment, volley ball, basket ball can be built on the pier in a tent or under a shade, allowing enjoyable time for the crew.


Air conditioned tents and shades

Air conditioned tents, or shades to be fitted on the pier, available in several sizes.

can be used as an accommodation for submarine crews along with shower containers.

play and recreation area, Gym or conference area 

Stage Setup

Live music and performers

live music, live  french performers,

- AMIR (Amir Hadad)

- Stephane Legar

- Reef Cohen

Local DJ artist, are available for evening events.

an elevated stage, chairs, cocktail tables, and talented local artists preforming in English, French or any other requested language. 

Pepperoni Slice

Pizza Night

Pizza, sushi, BBQ, starting a small Pizza delivery to a formal BBQ event, all can be tailored made to the ship's preferences 

Outdoor Dinner Party

Movie night 

A large screen, including audio system, HD projector for Sport events or movies or music shows.

popcorn, beach chairs, snacks and beverages can add to the atmosphere. all can be tailored made aseptically for he ship's request.

Popcorn Fall

Barber, hair dresser and pedicure 

barber artists, hair dressers, pedicure are available on, can come to the pier and service the crew.

Natural Soap
Ping Pong Players

Play rooms 

Billiard board, darts, air hockey table, tennis table, football table, video games, can be fitted on the pier in an air conditioned tent or shade, according to the ship's request

Triangle Rack with Balls
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